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Homendo rejuvenates the homebuying experience by bringing buyers and realtors together using state-of-the-art technology. Buyers get the personal touch of a skilled and experienced realtor. Realtors get a unified tool to streamline their day-to-day activities.

Real Estate Brokers

Real Estate Brokers

Don’t waste time and money managing multiple apps, websites and advertising programs. Homendo is THE professional platform that brings it all together in one place – MLS listings, leads, social network management, transaction management and much more!

  • Full services for Offices, Agents and Teams
  • Full features branded Agent Website
  • Full Domain Name Hosting
  • Branded Office mobile Apps (iPhone, iPad, Android)
  • Online Training Academy

  • Instant access to MLS listings
  • Reciprocal MLS data sharing
  • Share favorite listings with Clients
  • Share search lists with Clients
  • Share videos, voices and notes with Clients
  • Refer Service Providers to clients

  • Generate leads by PayPerClick Campaigns
  • Get leads by Zipcode
  • Get relocation referrals
  • Submit & share your Listings on Private Market

  • Create and Manage Buying & Selling Transactions in a paperless environment
  • Cloud-based document storage and retrieval
Home Buyers & Sellers

Home Buyers & Sellers

Get access to the latest technology for home buying and selling. With listings updated every 15 minutes, Homendo makes finding the home of your dreams a fun and satisfying experience. No more looking at properties that have been sold for several months. And when you are ready to work with a professional, Homendo connects you with neighborhood experts from your local real estate office.

  • Free access to listings
  • Easy access to qualified Agents

  • Search by map or create your personal dream home requirements
  • Search by neighborhood with Augmented Reality
  • Create and share favorite listings
  • Add and share video, voices and notes to your favorite listings
  • Automatic alerts on your iPhone with our Drive-By Detector

  • Invite your friends and connect via social networks
  • Instant connections to preferred lenders and home services providers
Services Providers

Home Services Providers

Become part of Homendo Professionals Partner Program and be connected to new clients automatically. Leverage your relationship with real estate agents and receive qualified leads from new and existing home owners that need your services now. It’s a sure way to generate new business at a very affordable price.

  • Create your business profile in a business category
  • Create and manage your BizzPage, a dynamic mini-website
  • Add your special offerings and promotions
  • Manage your coupons and discounts
  • Your BizzPage is indexed on major online search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo...)
  • Your BizzPage is advertized next to Agent's listings

  • Send and Receive qualified leads from your preferred Agents/brokers
  • Gain access to your Agent's clients profiles

  • View a BizzPage examples


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