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Colin Walker

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Acquiring, renovating, and flipping residential properties in the United States has been part of my family's business since the 1950s. Growing up, I frequently assisted in the rezoning and development of large tracts of agricultural land near my hometown of Washington, D.C. The American Dream today is built on the realization of home ownership. There is no feeling like coming through your own front door, taking off your coat and shoes, taking a deep breath, and knowing you're home. You own it. It's your private property to use as you see fit. This special feeling doesn't fully take root until that deed is legally yours. Don't throw away money on another month's rent before talking to me about potentially owning your first home! Whether you'd like to acquire your slice of the American Dream for the first time or you're interested in upgrading or downsizing based on lifestyle, please don't hesitate to call me today.

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