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My beautiful wife Laura and I have 4 kids (2 girls / 2 boys) and a dog (Kobe, a female dog that was name after Kobe Bryant the basketball player, go figure!) and we have lived in St. Johns County since the 1990's. We love this area, not only for the schools but for the quality of life that it provides our family. Our kids have all grown up here since they were young, all participating in school, sports, church and a variety of other activities. We have been very active in youth baseball, volleyball, soccer, basketball, football and track. These tend to be year round activities here in Northeast Florida. For us and many other residents of this area, its just part of the routine.

We are a true house divided; that is, I graduated from and support the University of Florida Gators and she supports the Florida State University Seminoles, our daughter having graduated from there. For those of you who don’t know, Gators and Seminoles are natural enemies. I guess I've come around to the Florida State thing a little bit but it has taken awhile. She has yet to come around to the Florida Gator thing…

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