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02-11-2016 11:08am

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Master Insurance is excited to bring you first class service in the insurance industry. Tyler and Jenni Wanzeck founded their insurance company after observing the need and importance of insurance when buying their first home.

During the home buying process they felt the pressures of making sure they were making the right investment and the last thing they wanted to do was shop around for the right rate and insurance company. From there on they decided they wanted to simplify this process for everyone. Masters Insurance now has contracts with 40+ insurance carriers.

Masters Insurance can save you time and money in a quick and easy way. Whether you are buying your first home or simply think you are paying too much with your current carrier, Masters Insurance can guarantee something that is right for you. Not all insurance companies are alike, and we would like to take the time to find the insurance company that is right for you and fits your life’s specific needs and wants.

Let our agents work with you to make sure you are equipped with top protection. Let us do so quickly, easily and conveniently from your mobile device or computer. Simply click the link below to start the process and one of our agents will quickly be in touch.


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In Additional Insurance Information, please include the following. By including this information we are able to expidite the quoting process as well as ensure the best available price for your quote. This information will remain confidential.


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