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Partner Description

The I.C.E Team is a Furniture Management Company, not a Furniture Dealer.

The way we see it, you should only get the furniture you need. We're interested in finding solutions that work, not meeting sales quotas. We help identify your needs, then find products to meet them. All of this makes your office furniture shopping experience different. And that's a good thing, because in the end, our clients save thousands of dollars.

What we do
Furniture Leasing / Furniture Rental

Not every company wants to use their cash for furniture purchases. About half of the companies we do business with prefer to lease their product; ICE can tell you if leasing is your best option.

Interested in furniture rental? Our experience shows that, because of financial impact, customers who lease office space for two years or less usually prefer to rent some or all of their office furniture. We have access to all types of new and used furniture available for rent.

Product knowledge
We know about private offices, systems furniture, reception areas, filing and storage, work tools and lighting, seating and sound management.
How we work:

We focus on the management process, not solely on the product. You get a single point of contact that is intimately familiar with your project.

With the I.C.E. Team, you are the hub. We assign you a project manager from the beginning - a single point of contact. They will coordinate the details of your order and guarantee your customer satisfaction. There is no confusion as to who is doing what and when it is getting done. This means someone is there to guide you through the process, answer any questions and provide assistance at any time.
It goes without saying, buying less furniture saves you money. Our software allows us to plan any office space to your needs. The software tallies up the pieces and parts on the spot, so we can minimize your order by removing items you don't need. It's simple, it's quick and it makes your furniture affordable.

Our software lets you view your entire floorplan, with furniture, in 3-D. You can move around a virtual model of your office and we can quickly respond with changes, unlike a dealer. We also design and redesign based upon your existing furniture. If you can reuse it, we make a plan for it.

Once we have your parts list, we search for new or used inventories to find a match for your facility needs. We will also negotiate a contract for future purchases. Our goal is to establish the very best price now and for the future. This means you are always getting the right furniture, at the right price, right now.

ICE is awarded a 2011 Gold Star Award from the BBB Denver/Boulder for the sixth year running! This award means that ICE has had no complaints for the past eight years!


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Right Furniture Right Price
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04-01-2013 12:00am
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03-31-2014 12:00am
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Through our many contacts in the industry, ICE has access to used and overstock inventories which allow us to offer product to our clients at a great cost savings.

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If you're interested in used or overstock inventories, please contact us to schedule an appointment.

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