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Updated: 02-08-2021 10:51am

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Now you have a go-to for moving

Muvyn is evolving the way the world moves by seamlessly connecting anyone moving to the best movers. Now you have a go to for movers!

Muvyn is a growing, community based, all encompassing moving service coordinator. We are committed to connecting people with world-class moving services at any price point desired. Our goal is to facilitate the most efficient and cost effective move possible for our users.

One transaction. Seamless. Easy.

Moving can be a stressful event in anyone s life. Muvyn is here to help. Regardless of the size of the move, we work hard to make the process easier and more affordable, so you don t have to.

Your furniture is always our main concern

We have gone through it all, and in the process, have found the right people to move your precious furniture safely and in a timely fashion.

If you’re a real estate professional (or related) and want to take the stress out of the moving process for your clients, consider our Prime Muvyn services.



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