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The Solar Guy's goal is to create a win/win situation for home owners, the environment, and our company. Traditionally solar systems have only been affordable to the wealthy upper-class, based on upfront cost ofandnbsp;purchasing the unit and installation, as well as maintenance fees.andnbsp;

We have createdandnbsp;a zero up front out of pocket opportunity where home owners are able to own a solar system for their homeandnbsp;without the large up-front expense. Normally we are able to eliminate the entire utility bill, and you have the opportunity to take those funds and pay off your solar system over time at a locked in rate.

Now home owners can have the peace of mind knowing their utility bill will no longer rise due to rate increases by their utility company.
We provide top of the line equipment, and pride ourselves on quality, safety, and convenience.andnbsp;



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