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You may ask yourself, “Bringing New Heights to Electrical Service”, what is it that Tower Electric, Inc. is going to do to put them apart from the rest, especially in this highly competitive market? And you also might think, “Why would I consider using them on one of our projects”? The typical answer would be because we are the best, or that we have the experience, or even that our field personnel are second to none. These are all traits of a top notch company and which we feel we do have and had from day one. Every company should have that. But wouldn’t you like a subcontractor that you can count on:

  • To provide consistent accurate pricing on budgets?
  • To bid complete documents and cover all electrical cost on a project?
  • To provide a bid simply on time? When you requested it?
  • To provide alternates and cost savings as options to all projects?
  • To meet milestones and schedule deadlines?
  • To man-load projects by working with construction schedule and tasking our work-load to meet your requirements?
  • To be proactive, with no fire drills, or lost hours?
  • To meet scheduled inspections without failing?
  • To provide a quality service you deserve as a customer?
  • To be honest, hold integrity, and be professional at what they are doing?
  • To make it simple and to the point, Tower Electric, Inc will provide “No Worries” from start to finish, from Pre-Construction to Construction, to having that light come on when the end user flicks the switch. This is our guarantee. With deadlines and schedules getting even shorter and tighter, the last thing you need is someone that cannot perform when asked. You can simply put your mind at ease. Just as the Electrical is typically the last trade on the job, we want to leave the lasting impression of a job well done. We strive ourselves on providing the best product possible. We will install everything with the utmost care and in a professional manner. In doing this, we need the best and we have the best. We have over 30 years of experience in the Denver Market, and our field is the best there is, period.

Customer Satisfaction

“Customer Satisfaction is our number one goal.”

There is no such thing in construction as “your problem,” it is always our problem. Tower Electric, Inc believes strongly in finding solutions and jumping through hoops to get the job done. Customer Satisfaction is our number one goal.

Personal Guarantee

We have formed a company that expresses itself with customer satisfaction first. Our culture will be deveolped around servicing the customer’s needs. As a result, performace evaluations will be based around client gratification and not financial capabilities or profitabilty.

As a result we offer the following COMMITMENT in performing on your project:

We will communicate honestly and professionally, both verbally and in writing.

We will turn around sub-contracts within 30 Days or as per your time table.

We will submit product data in accordance with design documents in a timelymanner that will enable us to release materials in time to meet your schedules.

We will provide temporary power to meet you and your subcontractors needs.

We will be on time with every scheduled inspection or spend the dollars to get it on time.

We will build the project in accordance with the local codes and authorities having jurisdiction, also per the design specification of the project.

We will price change orders fairly and in line with industry standards.

We will man the project in accordance with your recommendations.

We will provide close out materials required in a professional and efficient manner.




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