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Homendo is a Real Estate Ecosystem where users can search listings, be social-connected with their Agents and their respective partners. Advertising on Homendo will bring you precise visibility. You benefit from great user value traffic.


Responsive Ads

Homendo HTML5 Responsive Ads technology brings your banners everywhere: desktop, tablets and smartphones.

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Multi platforms

Homendo is publishing your ads on Homendo.com, iPad, iPhone and Android platforms for the price of one. Just compare!


Bootstrapped Visibility

+100% more space for your banners than traditionnal AIB standards. Our Wide Skyscrapper size is 265x795 pixels (vs 160x600px) and our Large Rectangle is 715x470 pixels (vs 336x280px)... And of course banner ads on Homendo are responsive!


Value Ads for Value Traffic

Ads are printed next to properties listings (90% of Homendo's traffic) on desktop and below listings on mobile devices. Your ads bring more than a brand or marketing message to Homendo users. Your ads give value to them.


Promote Your Bizz Page

Link you ads to your Homendo Bizz Page where you can feature your company, your promotions and coupons. Click rates are higher than traditional banner campaigns.


Competitive Pricing

CPM, CPC, Broker Client's visibility, Bizz Page... Homendo brings you the best price packages for your business.

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