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The Homendo Brokers Network builds a strong alliance of brokerages across MLS markets and real estate brands to solidify the industry's position against the increasing offensive of advertising based property listing consumer websites. Homendo Brokers Network offers consumers and a direct path to specific participating brokerages and their realtors and accurate data from the time they search.

The online Homendo search platform is dynamically synchronized with each member's branded mobile app and can be integrated in each brokerage's corporate website.

Real Estate Brokers

Real Estate Brokers

Don’t waste time and money managing multiple apps, websites and advertising programs. Homendo is THE professional platform that brings it all together in one place – MLS listings, leads, social network management, transaction management and much more!

  • Full services for Offices, Agents and Teams
  • Full features branded Agent Website
  • Full Domain Name Hosting
  • Branded Office mobile Apps (iPhone, iPad, Android)
  • Online Training Academy

  • Instant access to MLS listings
  • Reciprocal MLS data sharing
  • Share favorite listings with Clients
  • Share search lists with Clients
  • Share videos, voices and notes with Clients
  • Refer Service Providers to clients

  • Generate leads by PayPerClick Campaigns
  • Get leads by Zipcode
  • Get relocation referrals
  • Submit & share your Listings on Private Market

  • Create and Manage Buying & Selling Transactions in a paperless environment
  • Cloud-based document storage and retrieval
Real Estate Brokers

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Overall Online Presence


Agent Profile & Website

Real Estate Agents have one professional profile page AND an easy customizable website with a dedicated URL that is featured across all online and mobile platforms, and can also be embedded in multiple other websites. Generate leads from Home Value and Pre-Qualification forms widgets.

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Office Website

Every office can enjoy a modern and dynamic Corporate Website, enabling Agents to publish news, testimonials, videos and more.

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Branded Mobile Apps

Branded mobile apps (iPhone, iPad, Android) for your Office. Enjoy accurate and detailed search capabilities like Map Search, Augmented Reality, Search Lists, Favorite Lists, Drive-By Detector™ and more!

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Leads Generation, Consolidation and Management


PayPerClick Campaigns

Launch and manage digital marketing campaigns across multiple social media sites and search engines. From Google Adwords and Facebook to Twitter and Pinterest, promote a new listing or yourself to a targeted audience is just a few simple clicks away.

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Leads Consolidation

Create your personal email ( address and start collecting leads from any online source like RE/, Zillow, Trulia, or other Lead Generation Partners you want to work with. Automatically send customizable response emails or text messages to incoming leads.


Leads Management

Leads and referrals are generated, tracked and managed dynamically and effortlessly between brokers, agents and service providers with a fully integrated automated process and user interface dashboard.

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IDX Search, MLS Integration, Private Market, CRM


IDX & MLS Search

Homendo delivers the same data that Real Estate professionals rely on to serve their clients. All properties are filtered by Active, Under Contract, Pending or Sold status, that are updated every 15 minutes so neither consumers or their agents waist any time chasing the wrong property for the wrong reason.

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Private Market Listings

Submit your listings, pre-market them by sharing them on Homendo's Private Market accessible by brokers of the Homendo Broker Network. Homendo Private Market Listings are compatible with RETS 1.8 fields architecture.

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Customer Relationship Management

The Homendo CRM platform is fully integrated into every account. Invite your Clients to join your own professional network. Collaborate with your clients by sharing Alert Search lists that meet their requirements. View their Favorite Listings, their friends, their activities. Start Selling or Buying transactions for each client all the way through closing.

Transaction Management, Contract Management, Secured PicSign™ eSignature


Transaction Management

Agents can manage end-to-end selling or buying transactions with the Homendo paperless digital transactional platform. From the moment agents accept a lead and engage with a client, all the way to the final closing stage, every document, digital asset and data relating to a specific transaction are automatically uploaded and stored in a dedicated digital secured folder. Homendo saves time, eliminates unnecessary steps, and enables faster closings and efficient transaction reconciliations.


Contract Management *
and Secured PicSign™ eSignature

Homendo provides Offices with its proprietary online and mobile tools to manage transactions from the first client meeting to the closing, with a streamlined and cost effective process. This service connects offices, agents, transaction service professionals and consumers through an integrated order and fulfillment platform to increase efficiencies.
Additional charges may be applied to respect State and Office rules.


Closing Management

Agents close all their transactions by following your Office administrative process requirements, and managing the files access for their clients, business partners, lenders, lawyers, title companies, and many other participants of their choice. Your Office Administrator can customize “Closing Packs” with mandatory documents required for closing.

Transactions & Services Partners, Qualified Leads Management, Social Network


Agent and Office Partners

Invite your business Partners to share leads, clients and participate in selected transactions. Partners can create their own BizzPage - a dynamic mini-website – that showcases their services, plus this can be shared with the Agent’s clients. BizzPages are also featured on, mobile apps as well as Offices and Agents’ Websites.

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Qualified Leads Management

Manage qualified leads between Agents and their Transaction / Services Partners. The Homendo platform immediately notifies all preferred partners program participants of any leads with consumers’ contact information. The leads management dashboard is synchronized between all mobile devices and the online platform to enable constant and real time business growth opportunities.


Social Network

Agents, Consumers and Services Providers are linked together and can communicate or inter-transact with Homendo's dynamic social and professional relationship management platform.

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