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Colorado has been my home since 1996 and as a Realtor I get the pleasure of helping clients buy and sell their homes throughout beautiful metro Denver! I’ve been fortunate to have success early on in my real estate career and I believe it’s because of my previous “stops” in life.

I’ve been “around” the real estate world for over eight years supporting, training and working with Realtors and lenders when I sold title insurance. That experience provided me a keen environment to glean the best attributes of successful realtors and to avoid the pitfalls of most. I’ve also been fortunate to see almost every angle to a real estate transaction. I’ve bought & sold my own homes, been a General Contractor building a home from the ground up, and was the closer for real estate transactions and refinances during my time in title. My experience here is my clients gain! Equally important, I have been in professional sales roles since 1996 and through previous stops in office equipment and Interne

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