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    How to protect yourself

  • Protect your lungs! Manage every chill by warming up with a tight thermal and hot water bottle
  • Take vitamin C at the first cough if not daily
  • Use throat spray with alcohol to kill germs. Spray stays at the back of your throat. Do this before going out or after possible contamination. It starts in the troat! (The only antimicrobial products that appear to have any merit are alcohol-based hand sanitizer gels. Alcohol is a highly effective antiseptic that breaks down proteins and disrupts cell membranes, killing most bacteria, fungi, and even viruses on the spot. Because the germs are quashed upon contact, there is no risk of contributing to the resistance problem, and even frequent use doesn't cause toxicity)

  • Use a mask out of care to avoid droplets and prevent asymptomatic spread to vulnerable demographics. This WAS effective in Asia.
  • Use anything with alcohol (or perhaps acidic) if primary sanitizers are unavailable (like even mouthwash)
  • Use gloves to prevent droplets from transferring to mouth nose or eyes (reminds you to not touch, not the sweaty kind)
  • Have heat socks for chills
  • Use antibacterial bathing soap
  • Order items to your mailboxes or to be left at your door without contact with the delivery worker

  • Boost immune system
  • Hydrate properly with supplements. Have at-home IV alternative (Pedialyte)
  • Take a break from smoking and vaping

  • Don't share drinks or utensils at a meal (with family as well)
  • Don't go to lunch or restaurant if coughing and sneezing
  • Wipe shared phones and screens
  • Wipe face with a wipe after a close conversation
  • Do not kiss (spouse as well)
  • Sexual transmission has not yet been investigated
  • Wash hands with hot water up to the elbow
  • Don't touch face ( nose, rub eyes, lick finger )
  • Wipe hands before fast food after card and cash exchange
  • Consider that a cough or sneeze = contamination for a few minutes

  • Stay out of public if you have a temp
  • If there's no space to isolate at home, maybe use a tent outside
  • Avoid infecting current compromised patients in the ER
  • Have arrangements for babysitting if you are single parent and fall severely ill
  • Take clothes off at the door to not spread to the bed
  • Shower soon as you arrive home
  • Wipe bags that rest on surfaces

  • Travel with an ID
  • Avoid non-essential travel, even to errands
  • Avoid traveling to out islands
  • If abroad, opt to stay abroad than to return

  • Elderly should get affairs in order

  • Stay safe while selling your home!

  • Use Clorox wipes before and after showings and lysol the air!
  • There is a lot of opportunity to get great rates if you stay calm and play it safe!

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