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Discover the YesTodd Mortgage Advantage with Todd Gehrke

At YesTodd Mortgage, spearheaded by industry veteran Todd Gehrke, we redefine the traditional mortgage process to benefit you. Unlike typical retail lenders who source their funds from the same place—Wall Street—Todd leverages wholesale pricing to offer you significantly lower costs on the same products.

Why Choose YesTodd Mortgage?

  • Wholesale Pricing: Just like buying wholesale goods reduces costs, Todd’s unique approach to mortgages means you enjoy lower rates typically not available through retail banks or lenders. Why pay more for the same 30-year fixed rate mortgage?

  • Reduced Expenses: With minimal overhead compared to large retail lenders, YesTodd Mortgage avoids unnecessary expenses, passing these savings directly onto you.

  • Five-Star White Glove Service: Experience exceptional, personalized service every step of the way. Todd's commitment to excellence ensures a smooth, clear, and highly responsive process, helping you make informed decisions without the stress.

  • Expert Guidance: Drawing on over two decades of experience and a background in education, Todd doesn’t just facilitate mortgage transactions. He educates and empowers you, simplifying complex financial concepts and strategies, which enhances your ability to build wealth through informed mortgage decisions.

  • Award-Winning Experience: Recognized within the industry for outstanding service and expertise, Todd has been the recipient of numerous accolades and is a trusted speaker at national events.

Visit us at YesTodd Mortgage to learn more about how Todd can help you save on your mortgage while gaining a lifelong financial ally. Whether you are buying your first home, refinancing, or looking to invest in real estate, Todd Gehrke is your go-to expert for all your mortgage needs.



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